Monday, April 21, 2008

A Touch of Homesickness

Some of you know that I was rather apprehensive about moving to England, and for the first few weeks I was pretty miserable. But then we settled in, met a few people, got involved in a church, and I finally realized it wouldn't be so bad. Nine months later, I still spend a day in London at least every other week. My first stop on 3 April was Parliament Square. I certainly recognized Winston Churchill, but some of the other figures were less familiar to me.


Later that day I came across an unexpected sight, but a very welcome one. On my way from the Wellington Arch to the Handel House Museum, I rounded a corner and there it was. Completely by chance, my path had taken me through Grosvenor Square, home of the US Embassy.


It was there that I also saw my final statue of the day.


Yesterday in church we had a guest minister. In the course of the morning, he shared a story about George Washington, and quoted from Martin Luther King, Jr. (Try to imagine an excerpt from "I Have a Dream" in a heavy Scottish accent....) The latter really hit me. Once again I'm ready to be home, but at the same time, I'm determined to take full advantage of the 2 months that we have left here.

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