Thursday, April 17, 2008

getting to dagstuhl

the day before jens and i were fahr'n auf der autobahn to the dagstuhl workshop, we visited some sites in the ruhr valley. here i am at a lookout tower. if i were turned around, i'd be looking at the ruhr river as seen on the right.

we then visited hattingen. the town center dates back to the 12th century and has excellent examples of period architecture. after the requisite local beer, we ran across this church.

we later found out that the steeple was intensionally built to lean into the wind!
100's of years later it appears to have been a good idea :)

our final stop was the freilichtmuseum in hagen. this open air museum includes restored buildings stocked with period specific craft tools. the water powered hammer used in the 1750's was something that i've never seen in the states . it was also real loud! of all the sights, the printing building contained the most unexpected find - a gutenberg illuminated bible!!

i bet that my better half wished she came along :)

the next day, having seen the sights,we were off to dagstuhl for the seminar. the highlight was the drive in jens' smart car (boy i bet that #1 daughter is jealous ). the highlight of the drive occurred when jens let me have a turn behind the wheel. very brave! alas it was rainy, so i only got up to 140 :( ... here is the car and my excellent parking job.

yea 140 kph :)

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Anonymous said...

What only 140kph?? That's only 86 mph, in western Texas the limit is 80mph, I just set the cruise about 85mph and just go! I'm sure you still had fun. And in my little diesel it trashes the MPG down to about 45!