Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Smart Cars

It's an appropriate entry for Earth Day. I don't think that Smart Cars are quite as popular here as on continental Europe. (Dave got to drive that sporty one in Germany!) But they do exist. I've seen them around Woking, and this picture came from my Bridge Day back in February. Smart Cars are as long as most cars are wide. They only have 2 seats, and get great gas mileage. Since petrol costs more than 1 pound a litre (that's around 8 dollars a gallon), fuel efficient cars are very popular.


Some people do drive gas guzzlers. In fact, SUVs have been nicknamed "Chelsea Tractors," because they are so popular with the wealthy residents in the London borough of that name. However, small cars far outnumber large cars on the roads. One of my favourites can often be seen in the car park just outside our window. The owner then continues his or her journey into London by train - even better!


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