Friday, January 4, 2008

A Tale of Two Flats

A quick reminder, now that Dave and I will be writing from both sides of the Atlantic for the next few weeks: If the sentences start with capital letters, it's from me. If not, it's from Dave.

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...." To make a very long story very short, we spent most of November weighing the pros and cons of extending our stay, and the pros finally won out. Unfortunately, one of the cons was that we had to find a new place to live for the next six months. This is the outside of Mountside Place. It contains 21 units, and ours was #19. (If you want an inside tour, go back to the August postings.) The slanted window in the corner is the kitchen, as is the small window to its left. Further left are the 2 windows of the master bedroom where Chris settled in, while to the right of the kitchen are the 2 windows of the living area. Our bedroom window (also slanted) is hidden, but you can see the corner of the slanted roof peeking out just past the living area.


This is a view from the slanted kitchen window. See the blue building? It contains our new flat. Thus, hauling all of our stuff on foot from one place to the other was not nearly as hard as it could have been.


We actually live in the white part of the building on the 3rd of 4 floors. All the way to the left you see the balcony to our living area. Moving right is Chris' bedroom window, and then ours. This flat is much smaller yet more expensive than our first one. And designed primarily for corporate and executive lets, Dave has aptly described it as more of a sterile hotel suite than a home with character. But the rental market is still a hot one in Woking, and this was our best option, so we took it. As always, visitors are welcome. Just be prepared for very close quarters!


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