Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Heathrow Adventures

On 17 January, Dave's airplane from Heathrow pulled out of the gate right on time at 12:20. It was almost to the front of the takeoff queue when BA 38 crash landed at 12:42. Dave then got to sit on the runway for the next 2 hours. Upon arriving in Baltimore, he only made his connecting flight to Cleveland for several reasons: 1. He didn't wait to retrieve his luggage. 2. It was a short (but brisk!) walk to Gate D10. 3. The security line was short. 4. The connecting flight was 20 minutes behind schedule. Dave boarded the plane, the doors were closed behind him, and off they went. We thought we'd have at least an hour to spend together at the airport between flights, but instead we had less than 5 minutes.

On 21 January, I landed at Heathrow ahead of schedule. When we decided back in November to extend our stay, Dave had been in contact with the Home Office to make any necessary arrangements, so we thought we were all set. Apparently not, because I was stopped at Border and Immigration Control. After being photographed, fingerprinted, and detained for over 7 hours, I was given temporary admission for 2 weeks. Once Dave returns on Monday, hopefully we can get everything sorted out. Who knew that flying could be so much fun!

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