Tuesday, January 8, 2008

It's the Little Things

It's been great catching up with people back home. The near record temperatures around 70 degrees F (21 C) haven't been too bad either! I spent the first day or so trying to flush the toilet from the right side of the tank rather than the left. But driving on the right came back immediately, especially since I only drove on the left for a week. I've been to my favorite stores (Mars for food and Target for supplies) well after the early closing hours in Woking, and I've picked up a few books at my library. Which inanimate objects have I missed the most? Definitely my full size washer and my separate full size dryer! Which thoughts have surprised me the most? My sudden desire for a smaller house and fewer possessions. I tried to donate blood today, but failed the iron test by about my largest margin ever. Apparently drinking tea (my new English habit) has a negative effect, because the tannins decrease iron absorption. Here I thought I was good to go because the restriction on living in the UK for 3 months or less only applies between the years 1980 and 1996. Total time in Europe cannot exceed 5 years, but I've got a ways to go there. So run out in my place to give the gift of life if you can! (And I'll cut back on that tea....)

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