Monday, March 17, 2008

St Patrick's Day

We knew there was no way we could close down the Irish pub in town tonight, so we decided to open it up instead! Sure enough, we were the first customers in the door shortly after 10. But there were at least half a dozen others there when we left an hour later.


As an added incentive, each Irish breakfast ordered before noon today came with a free pint of Guinness. Dave is always impressed by the shamrock that the bartender forms on the head of the beer....


Dave's favourite beer is now Guinness Red - a test product available in a limited number of British pubs only. And because of that, O'Neill's is now his favourite pub!

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Anonymous said...

New distro of Linux, shamrock in the beer foam, how easily computer people are impressed. Yes, yes, what fun! But nothing to turn that "red" beer green??