Friday, March 28, 2008


In contrast to the small village of Shere, Guildford is a large town and the county seat of Surrey. (But it's still only a town. Repeated applications to officially become a city have been turned down every time.) As it is readily accessible by train and bus, I hope to return to the area later and explore it further. However, on my day out with Marion (19th March), we simply wanted to visit the cathedral. The Diocese of Guildford was formed in 1927 from part of the Diocese of Winchester. The foundation stone was laid in 1936, but World War II brought construction to a standstill, so the cathedral was not completed and consecrated until 1961.


The general consensus is that the interior is more attractive than the exterior, and I agree. I've gotten rather spoiled by the centuries of history over here, and many of the newer attractions just don't have that same "wow" factor for me. But there are exceptions....


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