Saturday, September 1, 2007

School? What school?

Some of you have asked us how Chris is doing in school. Well...classes haven't started yet. The term officially began on Wednesday, but that simply meant that teachers returned to duty. Chris reported to the Learning Centre on Friday for enrollment day. To best fit with his studies back home, he will be taking English literature, computing, physics, and maths. (Yes, that's with an "s," perhaps taken from sports, which are always called sport.) Most courses are team taught, and they usually meet 4 times a week - twice for 60 minutes each, and twice for 90 minutes each. Classes end early on Wednesdays so that everyone can participate in an enrichment activity, from sport to music, and everything in between. Chris has chosen photography. Next week he attends induction day, and classes begin soon after that. Now you know as much as we do!

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