Sunday, September 9, 2007

Henry VIII - Live and In Person!

Here he is....

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King Henry VIII enjoyed hunting on the grounds of Woking Palace on a regular basis. The buildings are now mostly in ruins, and the property is only open to the public several times a year. As part of Heritage Open Days 2007 (6-9 September), today was one of those days. A number of Tudor characters arrived from Hampton Court Palace by boat on the River Wey. Based on historical documents, Anne Boleyn (wife #2, seated left) and Catherine Parr (wife #6, seated right) most likely vacationed here.

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Cardinal Wolsey was probably another frequent guest.

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Other costumed people spent the afternoon sharing interesting stories about medicines and weapons from Tudor times. Chris enjoyed the related hands-on activities!

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jenny said...

hey y'all,

looks like you guys had fun. you'll have to post about how stuff is going at school for chris once that happens. ehehe in that picture of him i can see his ribcage through his shirt. i hope he isn't starving himself over there *major sarcasm alert* O.o

things have been pretty chill over here. i've been working like a farm animal, but i get my first paycheck on friday, and i have every intention of enjoying myself with it. =P dulaney is proving to be pretty worthless compared to umbc, but that's nothing unexpected. i really like my umbc classes, though. they're fascinating. and as it turns out, two people who graduated from dulaney last year (one of whom was in my anatomy lab group! eww dead cats) are in my sociology class. it's awesome. i've met a few people in my child psychology class, but no one is there that i knew before. and now i'm prepping for senior bbq on the 28th! i'm sure my mom will be sending out pictures of the decorated van and myself covered in blue paint, as per dulaney tradition.

i hope you all keep on doing well. tell chris i said good luck with school, and that i sent him another email which he should check when he has a chance. peace!