Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bridge Walk East

Continuing east, it's now time for the last 3 bridges I crossed on my "Bridge Day" (18 February).

Southwark Bridge


Poor Southwark. It's sometimes called "the bridge that goes nowhere," because all of the major attractions nearby are closer to bridges on either side of it. This really does make it relatively quiet.

London Bridge


In this case, the past is more interesting than the present. I know the plaque is difficult to see, but it shows the various bridges that have been built on or near this site since 1209. For many years it was lined with houses and shops, with a chapel in the centre. A fragile model of one of those versions still stands in St Magnus the Martyr Church, near the northern end of the bridge.


Southwark Cathedral stands near the southern end, and I toured the interior back in September.


Tower Bridge


It's awesome to look at from just about any angle. But my favourite view still has to be during a bridge lift. (See "London On My Own" from 6 September.)


Once I had crossed all 9 bridges, I looped my way back to Waterloo Bridge, and then headed toward the station and home. My feet were a bit sore that evening....

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chrisbhs said...

I loved the Tower Bridge; it's so beautiful.

Christine H.