Thursday, June 12, 2008

T5 to Amsterdam

tuesday beth left us at 4:05 (yea am). on the same day (at a much much more reasonable hour) i headed for amsterdam. in general, i don't care for traveling much, but i like amsterdam! as a bonus, i got to leave from the new terminal 5 at heathrow. judy will like terminal 5 ... just look.

here is the view from the end of the terminal building. compare it with the next one.

here is the view from outside the train station where i arrived in amsterdam.

hmmm shall we compare carbon footprints?

finally, after a short 200 meter walk i arrived at my hotel. here is the view from my artroom window looking back at the first floor garden.

an "artroom" you ask :) ... i'm staying at the winston, which is an art hotel. if you are artistically inclined you might get invited to do a room! click here for some example rooms, though they omit some of my favorites. i did like the following painting more for the possibility than for the art.

more from amsterdam tomorrow.

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