Sunday, May 25, 2008

why my wife does not let me take the camera

i went to durham and got to take the camera! (a first!!) here is one of the fields of yellow flowers we passed on the way up.

i arrived at the durham station where keith and lucas (a loyola graduate just finishing his phd) picked me up.

and the good news (well the other good news) is that they had a cathedral!

while there i talked shop with keith, went to quiz night ('we' came in third and won 10 quid!), and went to buskers' night where keith played guitar and sang. he does a great version of amazing grace finishing with "come to Jesus" - a line that was echoed the rest of the night. here are some pictures:

yea, i know .... so, .... ah, .... now we get to the the title of the message. see, i forgot to take the camera to quiz night or buskers' night. somehow the elp pictures at an exhibition cover seemed appropriate. i did take a picture of the train i took home after it arrived safely at king's cross,

and the tube i took back south.

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