Sunday, May 18, 2008

One week down...

The exam period at Woking College goes from May 12 through June 12, with the final week in May off for half term. You would think that the tests would be spread out somewhat evenly, but Chris took about half of his in the first week. There are multiple exams in each course. On Monday, he took a computer exam. On Wednesday, he wrote about Death of a Salesman (Arthur Miller). On Thursday, he took exams in physics and statistics. And on Friday, he wrote about King Lear (William Shakespeare), Welsh Retrospective (Dannie Abse), and Emma (Jane Austen) in the morning, and then took another computer exam in the afternoon. I know he's glad to be done with English! But he still has more to come in physics, statistics, mechanics, maths, and finance. Fortunately, the rest of the exams won't be quite so close together.

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