Friday, August 17, 2007

Touring the Flat - Part 3

You may have noticed the slanting walls/ceilings in the reception room. They follow the roof line, as we are on the top (third) floor of the building. Chris (6'2") usually remembers to duck going in or out of the kitchen area, but he has hit his head at least once...and hard. Thus, Dave and I chose the bedroom with the hazardous corners. As Dave says, they give it "character."

The small pictures on the wall have an interesting story. Erin's college was giving away old photos at the end of the spring semester. They didn't have anything of interest to her, but when she saw the scenes of various church interiors, she thought of me. Thus, she packed them in her suitcase, and then gave them to me for my birthday a few weeks ago.

Finally, we have Chris' room. It has a nice high ceiling...everywhere. He also gets a desk for homework, and his own private bathroom. The bed even provides plenty of space for spreading out his Magic cards. Not bad! So there you have it - our home away from home. Feel free to come and see it in person!

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Anonymous said...

Please note in above photo: Chris is sitting on the floor. The bed is not really that high, nor is the ceiling.

After some drama, Jenny appears on the mend, at least for now, but still in some pain. All in all, not the best week at the beach. Glad to hear things are settling in well for you all. I did note the slanted ceiling in the kitchen from the earlier post, and my first thought was "I wonder if they are keeping count how many times Chris bangs his head on that?" Hope he's got the "automatic duck" reflex down. By the way, Judy, you look dashing in that kitchenette. An expatriate Rachel Ray!

Can't explain why the O's are beating the Red Sox and the Yankees, but as an O's fan from way back, and a Yankee-hater just as long, I have learned to accept and be grateful. Sorry about the Red Sox getting caught up in it. I will root for them when it comes pennant time, since the O's won't be in it. Until then, it's the "fortunes of baseball". Explain that one to your new neighbors ;)

Anyway, good to see things moving along, hope you are all well, and kudos to Erin on the new look. Take care.