Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Touring the Flat - Part 1

Judy here. I'll do this in 3 parts, but today I won't get past the hallway. Picture 1 is taken just inside our front door. Nice neutral colors, but note that the walls are cream, not white, Shelly! There are 2 hall closets, but you can only see 1. In the 1 you can see there is an iron and an ironing board (like those will get used by me...) and in the other is a heavy duty vacuum cleaner that I tried out for the first time just before taking these pictures. I'll walk up to the radiator, where you'll get a quick glance at the 4 rooms in our flat.

Starting at the left is the main bathroom. It has one of those half shower doors that the Europeans seem to love, but it drives me crazy. Way too much water ends up on the floor, but it gets less each time, and Erin already has the proper technique down. I wonder who will be next? Moving to the right is our bedroom. If there wasn't so much glare on the widow, you could see that the building across the street says "Surrey Police." Makes us feel very safe!

Next on the right (but to the left in the picture!) is the reception room, where Dave is hard at work. Well, not anymore, because I'm now using that computer.... And finally, you see Chris' master suite - it contains both his bedroom and his en-suite bathroom. I'll focus on the reception room in part 2, and finish with the bedrooms in part 3.

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