Sunday, August 19, 2007

Touring the Flat - hey wait there is more

I thought it appropriate to include some views from the outside of our flat :)
First up, the bbq around back. Yes you are invited to our first bbq (details to follow)

Here are the very nice flowers off to the side!

And finally the path leading to the bbq

And a bonus for all you gardeners out there! Here is a picture of some runner beans that we picked up at the local farmers market. I'd never heard of such before, but they were quite yummy with a little garlic. For reference the coin is 10p, which is about the size of a quarter :)


Anonymous said...

Wow! That's a really nice bbq/patio area! And the garden is lovely. What a nice space! Hope you get to use it quite a bit.


Anonymous said...

Hello Binkelys...
Your place looks lovely. And a very nice patio to boot! Looks, and sounds, like you are getting in to Island life (colonial, that is) quite nicely! I look forward to further adventures of the Binkely clan through the motherland. Thanks for including us!! All the best!
Kathy Shahinian...I'm a skyper too!

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