Wednesday, August 22, 2007

of tides and beef

Yesturday found us in London.
We arrived at low tide

and didn't leave until high tide!

in between we checked out the tower of London ... here I am discussing beef with a beef eater (formally he is a Yeoman Warder). It takes 20+ years of in her majesty's service before one can apply ... an impressive group!

We return to London tomorrow as Chris' friend Jonathan is in town and we want to see how tower bridge works. I'm just praying that they don't break it!


Mike Gorman said...

Great to hear from you and see your wonderful 'flat.' Will miss you at the Os game. They lost 30-3 the other day! Most major-league runs in 100 years.

Back to England--Nancy said to say we are jealous.

PS Mike and Nancy

EI classes begin soon! Any takers?

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