Thursday, August 16, 2007

Technical updates!

We interrupt the tour for a special announcement!

You've probably noticed our classy new layout, courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Erin. All together now: Oooh. Ahhhh.

The changes aren't all cosmetic, though. Here's the one you'll care about: You no longer need a Blogger account to leave comments. Just click the "0 Comments" link at the bottom of one of these recent posts, and under "Choose an identity" select "Anonymous".

(Of course, you should mention who you are in the comment itself, so we know who's talking to us!)

We now return you to your regularly scheduled tour :)


Anonymous said...

nice looking site. the flat (aka the apartment) looks comfortable. seems like everyone has settled in. has been quiet around hear - except that the O's keep beating the Sox and Yanks. You are all missed at Havenwood. Harry

jenny said...

hey guys. i like the site...
i wish i could say everything was cool here at the beach, but it's not. =(
i have been feeling very ill (again) and i can't sleep, so that's why i'm commenting on this at 2:45 am est. i think i got food poisoning from some shrimp i had last night. but we aren't sure, and if it gets worse i'm going to have to go to the hospital, which completely sucks. i don't know if chris has answered my emails yet, but can you let him know? thanks.

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