Saturday, October 13, 2007


Today was a big day in sport. (Nope, there's never an "s.") We started the afternoon by attending our third home match of the Woking Football Club. Unfortunately, they lost to York City, 3-0. Fortunately, it was all uphill from there. Day matches usually kick off at 3 pm, but this one was bumped up to 1 pm so that it would finish just in time for the England vs. Estonia football match at Wembley. Fans were encouraged to purchase their Seafare fish and chips (on the stadium grounds) and then join others at The Cardinal Bar (also on the stadium grounds) to watch the match on the "big screen." We did, but it really wasn't. England won, as expected, 3-0. Tonight we headed out to Rat & Parrot (love that name!) to watch the England vs. France rugby match. Talk about a big screen - the one hanging over the bar was a good 12 feet high by 20 feet wide! In yet another rugby upset, England won, 14-9, and now moves on to the Rugby World Cup Final next Saturday.

In all of this local excitement, I haven't forgotten about the boys of summer back home. I don't follow the baseball games live - they usually start here at midnight or later - but I do check the scores first thing in the morning. The Indians are off to a rough start against the Red Sox. (Dave and I grew up in Cleveland.) But given that they knocked off the Yankees in the previous round of postseason play, we already have much for which to celebrate!

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