Saturday, October 6, 2007

Celebrity Sightings

Supposedly they're everywhere in London...if you know where to look. But it often involves trendy restaurants or nightclubs in the wee hours of the morning, so I haven't been very successful. (Especially since I haven't tried.) Yesterday I was walking along the South Bank of the Thames - on my way back to Waterloo Station - when I came across this scene.

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It's a movie set for Last Chance Harvey, due out in 2008 or 2009. Stars include Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson.

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Filming was actually not in progress when I went by, so I won't be making my Hollywood debut. Instead, Dustin (on left, looking down) and Emma (on right, in profile) had just finished looking at some scenes on the monitors. Someone made an announcement that 3 minutes remained until sunset, so apparently nature determined when filming would resume.

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I didn't hang around, because I wanted to be on my train before it got dark. But you just never know who you'll see when you're least expecting it. And I do like Dustin Hoffman....

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jenny said...

ey yo!

sounds like you all are having fun! =) i hope things continue going well for you guys over there. you're missed back here in the boring old states X.x

my email has been down recently, could you pass that along to chris? i haven't been able to email him or read any of his emails as a result. i think it's working now, though, so it would be great if he could shoot me one sometime soon. i hate to leave this all over your blog, but since the email isn't working i have no other way of getting through! thanks guys =D

<33 jenny