Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pub Crawl

A friend of a friend now lives in London, and he was more than happy to share a few of his favorite pubs with us. After several scheduling attempts, last night finally worked out, so off we went to 4 different places.

Old Bank of England - Can you guess what this was before it became a pub?
Seven Stars - Opened in 1602, it actually survived the Great Fire of 1666.
Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese - This one was destroyed by the Great Fire, but rebuilt a year later.
Black Friar - The surrounding area was formerly home to a Dominican Priory.

Each pub has a fascinating history, a unique character, and an unexpectedly beautiful interior. (You can view pictures and learn more about them at a site such as www.pubs.com.) From Fuller's to Samuel Smith's, all have a variety of local brews on tap. I had a killer headache before we even started, so I enjoyed a half pint of a real ale and a half pint of a cider, and then called it quits. Dave and Marc both happily lifted a pint at each of our stops! And if we're up for it another night, Marc has at least 4 more favorites....

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Anonymous said...

Hello Binkelys,
Your travels keep getting better and better (ya, Paris is good...but Pub crawls...even better!!) I hope you do get a chance to finish the crawl in good health and spirits...two pints just wont do!! Well, Edgar is gearing up for the next trip via Amtrak in two years...and not a minute of planning is wasted now! I've enjoyed seeing your journey, but where are the pics of Chris studying? Have we seen any grades yet?? come on, it's not all fun and games now!! We all look forward to the final adventures of LONDONBINK!! All the best, Kathy Shahinian