Friday, December 21, 2007

Panto with The Fonz

Erin landed at Heathrow on Wednesday morning, and on Thursday afternoon we took part in one of the biggest British traditions - the Pantomime. It's a show with lots of slapstick and audience participation. This year's Woking production (there are numerous choices in and around London) is Peter Pan, with Henry Winkler playing the part of the "baddie" - Captain Hook. He had so much fun in this role last year at Wimbledon, that he came back for another season. Almost anything goes with panto, so yes, it included the Happy Days theme song, music and dancing from the '50s, and several classic lines from Fonzie himself.


Wasn't it nice of the theatre to place this cardboard cutout in the lobby? Several friends have seen Henry out and about in Woking (he's living right here in town until the middle of January), but we have not been so lucky...yet?


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