Thursday, November 22, 2007


Happy Birthday Jenny!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! No big plans around here. Chris headed off to school as usual, Dave is working from home today, and I've been fighting a fever and more since earlier this week, so I haven't been very productive as of late. We of course have much for which to be thankful. Dave seems to thrive on his nonstop schedule, I've seen more sights in England than I ever thought I would, Erin is having a good semester (despite her ongoing battle with mono), and Chris really enjoys his learning environment here. Plus...we now have friends on both sides of the pond!


jenny said...

hey guys!

thanks for the birthday wishes!! i'm going to my dad's sister's house later, so we're all gonna stuff our faces with turkey and birthday cake!! my mom made me a really chocolatey one... ooooh goodie =)

anyway, uhh... happy thanksgiving??? sort of?

Anonymous said...

.....and now it's time to say Happy Birthday, Chris!! We had a great Thanksgiving, and since it's now Friday (here as well as there), it's time to pass the birthday greetings over to you! Thanks much for the post Thursday. If you're feeling left out of the annual feed, I'll email a turkey sandwich as an attachment!