Friday, November 23, 2007

Old Enough to Drive...

...on the left side of the road! The driving age here is 17, and that is the age Chris turned today. He was born on Friday, November 23, 1990 at St. Mary's Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin. His time of birth was 12:17 pm, he weighed a mere 9 lbs 12 oz, and he was 21 1/2 inches long. Considering all that I had eaten the day before on Thanksgiving (his due date), no wonder he wanted to get out!

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In case you're wondering, I proposed that each blue candle be worth 5 years, and each white candle be worth 1 year. (It's a Binkley thing, especially given the odd assortment of candles we usually have sitting around.) Dave came up with an alternative in binary, and Chris was ready to expand our options beyond just integers. The cake box said "serves 8." Our response? British servings, maybe, but definitely not Binkley servings!


Anonymous said...

.....and once again (although now belatedly), Happy Birthday, Chris! Just have to say, LOVE the shirt! Hope you had a great birthday!


P.S. We know all about "Binkley servings" here! "Serves eight", indeed!

jenny said...

aww, the picture is cute. and i'm really not at all surprised that he came up with non-integer values for the candles, although i'm not really entirely sure what that means. what's an integer again??? whole numbers that are positive or negative, right??! can zero be an integer?
i don't remember!! nor do i care!!

and binary is zeros and ones, right?? i think so... maybe i should ask my dad. and i can hear you all laughing at my mathematical ignorance as you read this.

and i'm looking at that cake and maybe my perspective is flawed or something, but i don't see how that cake could serve 8 normal people, let alone binkleys (i just realized that sounds kind of mean, but i don't mean it that way!). maybe 8 munchkins?

maybe i should stop procrastinating now and do my millónes of pages of homework for la clase de español. at least i understand spanish...