Saturday, July 28, 2007

Whan that Aprille...

And here we have the actual Erin posting. (You can tell because I use capital letters. Flashy, eh?)

Above is Canterbury Cathedral. Or at least, part of it. Stumbled across this angle in trying to take a photo of the whole thing, thought it looked cool, kept it.

Here, for perspective, is the full ceiling with that six-foot cross on the top. Can you pick out the cross at this size?

Took this picture, of a tourist-type kiosk in the middle of the tourist-type Canterbury shops, at Mom's behest. Apparently there are Yankees hats on sale everywhere.


Cathie said...

Keep the pictures and tour coming; I'm thinking I won't need to visit as I feel I'm already there!!!!

Have you gotten a flat yet? And, I don't mean tire.

jenny said...

hola guys...

wow, they sell yankees hats at touristy places in london? that's weird... but i'd buy it just to say i had a yankees hat from london. just kidding, the exchange rate's ridiculous.

i'm back from florida... it was awesome. lots of sharks and yummy lobsters and key lime pie on a stick!!! yay!!!

anyway, i hope london is treating you well. good luck w/the flat situation, if you haven't gotten one already.


(p.s. to erin: no, i don't use capital letters either. =P)

Sue Rowe said...

Happy Birthday, Judy!!!